MDR1688 - 16 Channel Mixer with DSP

Excellent sounding mixer for studio and live applications
16 Inputs: 8 mic/line plus 4 stereo line
24-bit Digital Effects Processor with 256 Presets
3-band EQ with sweepable mids on mic/line inputs
4-band EQ on stereo channels
60mm faders
Standard 19-inch rack mount kit included

Whether you're building a home studio or setting up a sound system for performing live, the MDR series of mixers delivers superior audio quality and excellent value, along with an impressive feature set. The new MDR 1688 is a true professional 16-channel stereo mixer with all the features needed for live or home studio applications.
High-quality, discreet, low-noise mic preamps, 3-band EQ, 60mm faders, and internal 24-bit DSP processing, gives users total control over signal flow and the best possible sound. And to make the MDR 1688 even more versatile, we've included a standard 19-inch rack mount kit.
MDR624 - Mixer
Full-featured compact mixer for live or studio use
Two high quality Microphone preamps
3-band EQ on all channels
Two stereo channels
8 Segment Stereo LED Bar VU Meter

The MDR624 is a six-channel mixer with two low noise microphone preamps. In addition to the two mono mic/line inputs, there are two channels with left and right inputs to handle stereo signals. For added flexibility, you can change the tone quality of your microphones or other line inputs by using the 3-band channel equalizers. Connecting external effects like a reverb or digital delay to the MDR624 is easy thanks to the aux send on each channel, along with the stereo aux return in the master section. Additionally, LED indicators for power, phantom, peak and main output level make it easy to keep your levels set correctly and minimize distortion. With its professional features and advanced circuit design, the MDR624 gives you the tools necessary to ensure high-quality sound and reliable performance from one venue or session to the next.