NAD Home Theater Amplifiers and Audio/Video Receivers are known for their high quality video and sound all over the world.  

If you want to hear the perfect sound of your favorite and video from of you CD, DVD and Bluray disc collections, then nothing can be compared with NAD CD, DVD and Bluray players.
Just watch, listen and enjoy.

The NAD brand has come to represent high value products that consistently offer musically honest performance. In 2005, NAD introduced the Masters Series concept as the evolution of NAD’s core values of performance, simplicity and value.

If you consider yourself an audio purist or if you just love your music, then you are going to be very enthusiastic about our selection of purely two channel Hi-Fi integrated stereo models.

The benefit of NAD Power Amplifiers is the total elimination of audible distortion at any listening level. This provides pinpoint imaging and spine tingling realism with music and movies alike.