8kit - 8-piece Drum Mic Set

2 C01 Large Diaphragm Condensers for overheads
3 Q-toms for dynamic tom miking with integrated rim mount clip
1 Q-snare with integrated rim mount clip for precise snare drum miking
1 Q-kick perfect for capturing the low-end attack of bass drums
1 C02H Mini Pencil Condenser for hi-hat or ride cymbals
All microphones feature Gold-plated XLR connections
Complete kit comes packed in a rugged road case

The Samson 8KIT includes everything you need to completely mic today’s popular drum kit set-up in a professional live or studio application. All of the microphones in the 8KIT feature a cardioid pickup pattern voiced specifically for the drum they are capturing and Gold-plated XLR connections to ensure a low noise signal path. The complete eight-piece kit comes packaged in a rugged road case for easy travel and secure storage.