High-end sound no longer has to be confined to your living room. Anywhere under the sun or stars, 

Designed and engineered to be an elegant focal point for a stereo or home theatre system, each PSB tower speaker offers incredible power, depth and precision for detailed music sessions and high-impact home cinema experiences. 

Built and designed to bring big, detailed home theatre sound to smaller-sized rooms, PSB bookshelf Speakers offer the sound quality and detail you would expect from full-size tower speakers in a full-range, compact design

When building that perfect home theatre, a lot of focus and attention must be paid to your centre channel speaker, the cornerstone and workhorse of today cutting-edge home theatre system. Moving down its long list of duties, PSB centre channel speakers take charge and reproduce dialogue in a movie or multi-channel music in stunning detail and clarity, putting your favourite characters' voice centre stage for a true surround sound experience.

If you are looking for a speaker that will deliver thrilling, edge-of-your-seat surround sound, look no further than our wide collection of surround sound speaker designs. They give you a consistent soundstage that fills your room from front to rear channels without compromising sound quality or performance.